Barbarita + Eduardo wedding / by Clarita Castro

There are different types of clients you face throughout your career. There’s the normal client… who just simply needs you to do the job and we gladly do it. There’s the pinterest client, who wants you to recreate something that is probably not your style. And then there’s the ideal client…the one who lets you do whatever you want. Yet, there is even another type I would add. This is the “personal” one. The client that reaches your heart. The client that won’t let go of you, making sure that they are also serving you for the service you are providing. This last example describes Barbarita + Eduardo. We did not just attend a wedding, but we attended a friend’s wedding. We were not just photographers but somehow we became family.

For this wedding we traveled six hours south of Santiago to a city called Concepción. La Escondida, the venue, was just about 45 minutes away from the city; its name was truly fitting since it was very hidden in the middle of woods. That day everything that could go wrong, DID go wrong. In the morning, Barbarita found out that her grandmother had fallen and injured her knee and was taken straight to the hospital. The grandmother, we heard, was in tears since she was going to miss the wedding of her beloved granddaughter. Time was running against us but Barbarita decided that it was important to at least go visit her in the hospital, taking the risk of her possibly not being let through. However… we did it! In the following pictures to come you will observe joy and love. This day taught me that in the midst of stress and uncertainty it is important to keep on smiling. That’s exactly what Barbarita and Eduardo did on February 11th.


God bless them.