David + Josabeth / by Clarita Castro

If you are here you most likely read my post on Insta, where I shared about our long break of shooting weddings. Since we left the states at the beginning of 2016 we had not had any weddings come up, but we are glad to finally break the long wait with this precious couple. It was probably the hottest day of the year thus far and Josabeth had not eaten a proper breakfast or lunch, yet that did not break her spirit. Throughout the day she kept that smile high; she knew that no matter what, she was marrying her best friend. She loves that boy. After the ceremony we went to a quiet place, a place that might not have seemed much to them, but to me it was everything. It was my salvation. There was poor lighting everywhere, and quite frankly I wasn't sure if I had the creativity to pull it off. We sometimes (photographers) tend to doubt our intuition. But this alley that I magically found was where everything happened. It reminded me of why I constantly chase light. It reminded me that I have the privilege to capture love. It reminded me of all the good things a wedding holds despite all that could go wrong during that special day. In the end, the bride and the groom trust me, and they can look back with certainty that there was no hungry bride, that there was no stress; they can go back and see that everything went well, and that after all the trouble, everything turned out okay.