Stephanie + Kevin by Clarita Castro

Boy meets girl. Isn’t this where it all begins?
Maybe it’s the skin tones or the fact that the lighting was perfect, but everything about this session screamed romance. Stephanie and Kevin will be getting married this summer and I cannot wait to document their wedding. This is officially our first engagement session of the year. What a way to start 2019! Congrats to Kevin and Stephanie!

The Casper Wedding by Clarita Castro

I rarely do this, but I think it’s best if you read from the bride and groom this time. Before the wedding day I send out a questionnaire where I ask the order of events to better plan your day. Towards the end I have a section called “how did you first meet? tell me about the “spark” Jackie and Robert’s answer to my question blew me away. They each created their own version and well, I couldn’t keep it to myself. I am placing Robert’s version first so you may read before enjoying their wedding pictures. Jackie’s version is after the pictures. ENJOY THIS LOVE STORY!

We first met at a prayer meeting --- but nothing happened for quite a while.

Then Rob finally woke up and thought, "This is a prayerful, godly woman --- I should probably get to know her a bit." So he mustered up his courage and asked Jackie to a game night.

She turned him down.

After recovering from the emotional devastation, Rob then asked Jackie to a birthday party.

She turned him down.

After the mourning was over, Rob asked Jackie one last time --- to a group RV trip.

Jackie said "Yes!" ---- mostly, it turned out, because her good friend, Ange, was going. 

Over the next two eventful years (job changes, Harvey, etc.), Rob and Jackie explored whether they were called to marriage. "This is a woman who will be in the trenches with me --- through thick and thin. She is wonderful!" he thought.

"He seems strange but well meaning," she thought.

And so, after 2.21 years and a car ride gone hilariously wrong, Rob got down on a knee in the front yard of their future house (still being rebuilt) and said, "Jackie, this house has been a testament to your character and faith and endurance. This storm (Harvey) has weirdly been a gift from God to prove us and develop us and show us to each other. I want to spend the rest of my life with you! Will you marry me?"

And fortunately, she said, "YES!!!!" 

She cried.


Our church held Monday night prayer nights. On one particular Monday night, I remember meeting a guy named Rob. Little did I know that we would meet again. 

After a church retreat, Rob and I ran into each other. We spent some time talking. Soon after, he invited me to a game night with some of his friends. (I come to find out Ang, see Rob's post, was one of the only girls that attended). Haha, Rob was persistent--love you Robbie. 

Soon after, he invited me to his birthday brunch which I couldn't attend (see Rob's post, haha). (To be fair, I was out of town for a conference). 

He then invited me on an RV trip with a group of friends from church. This sounded like a fun adventure! I got sick the week of and after asking a few friends if I should attend, they all agreed it would be a fun adventure! (One that I will never forget! Plus, our friend Ang was also going, haha) 

While on the RV trip, we rock climbed, jumped cliffs and hiked (Rob even saved us from a rattlesnake! We made it out safely). After rock climbing, I got some bruises and injured my knees (just a few bruises, no big). That night, we headed back on our RV for some R+R. My bruises needed some care and Rob came out with his first aid kit. That's the moment when sparks flew! I thought to myself-- "This guy took great care of me and noticed my bruises. He's such a caring guy!"

Now, at more than 2 years later, (after some hard times, see Rob's post) Rob and I grew stronger and closer. This is not to say times were always hard or always easy, but God used different seasons to shape and mold us into a team. We grew as a team and when I'm asked how I feel-- my motto is "Team Casper!" 

My hope is that our family (Team Casper--yay!) would grow to understand God's depth of love for us--through the joy and sorrow. He calls us to endure and depend on Him so we can love others deeper. As a family, I pray He would be with us as we share our story of all that God started on that RV trip.

The Lord sat as King at the flood;

Yes, the Lord sits as King forever.

The Lord will give [unyielding and impenetrable] strength to His people;
The Lord will bless His people with peace.

Psalm 29:10-11

The Sorianos by Clarita Castro

I once met a girl after my own heart. Her name is Cindy. She was AND is a true friend. It has been a privilege to document my friend throughout the years we’ve known each other. We were both single when we met and we both have grown into the role we currently find ourselves in: motherhood. Our babes are only six months apart and what a blessing it has been to share life with her.

During our time in Chile, my friend went to go visit me. I truly treasured this because it was a hard time being away from family and her presence was a comfort to me. I am grateful for her and Levi, and their precious bundle of joy, Amy. Enjoy this beautiful session! The Soriano family on the blog:

LeeAnn + SidaLee by Clarita Castro

The following pictures tell a story. The story of a love so deep that rocks every woman. It is the deepest of human loves. I am speaking of the love of a mother and her child.

I’ve had the privilege to know this woman throughout most of my young adult life. I watched her grow into a beautiful woman. I watched her as she became a momma. I watched her as pain and hurt came into her life unexpectedly. I watched as she felt the loss of so many things around her. I watched her as she faced so many questions. In the midst of it all, she chose mercy and grace. She chose wisdom and truth. She is one of the bravest souls I know.

I hope these pictures give a small glimpse to the wonderful woman and momma she is. She is raising a young giant with a faith that can move mountains. I am so proud to call her a friend. SidaLee has the best momma!

“Charm is deceptive, and beauty does not last;
    but a woman who fears the Lord will be greatly praised. "