The Sorianos by Clarita Castro

I once met a girl after my own heart. Her name is Cindy. She was AND is a true friend. It has been a privilege to document my friend throughout the years we’ve known each other. We were both single when we met and we both have grown into the role we currently find ourselves in: motherhood. Our babes are only six months apart and what a blessing it has been to share life with her.

During our time in Chile, my friend went to go visit me. I truly treasured this because it was a hard time being away from family and her presence was a comfort to me. I am grateful for her and Levi, and their precious bundle of joy, Amy. Enjoy this beautiful session! The Soriano family on the blog:

LeeAnn + SidaLee by Clarita Castro

The following pictures tell a story. The story of a love so deep that rocks every woman. It is the deepest of human loves. I am speaking of the love of a mother and her child.

I’ve had the privilege to know this woman throughout most of my young adult life. I watched her grow into a beautiful woman. I watched her as she became a momma. I watched her as pain and hurt came into her life unexpectedly. I watched as she felt the loss of so many things around her. I watched her as she faced so many questions. In the midst of it all, she chose mercy and grace. She chose wisdom and truth. She is one of the bravest souls I know.

I hope these pictures give a small glimpse to the wonderful woman and momma she is. She is raising a young giant with a faith that can move mountains. I am so proud to call her a friend. SidaLee has the best momma!

“Charm is deceptive, and beauty does not last;
    but a woman who fears the Lord will be greatly praised. "

Jackie + Robert by Clarita Castro

As an artist, there comes a time where you will face a road block. For a writer they face “writer’s block”, for the rest, we are simply facing the unknown. Many of us fear to get to that point. After becoming a mother I realized that I had lost my passion for photography. I was a little scared of continuing to pursue my art; I was afraid that I had faced a creative block of no return. 

Fast forward ten months and I am in Galveston with Jackie and Robert, shooting their engagement session. I had done a few sessions this year already, including a wedding in the summer. Yet, this felt a little different. I saw the light and like God says in His book, I saw that it was good! I saw alleys, shadows, colors…But above all, I saw two people in love. This was worth it all. Galveston gave me a little push to press on, to realize that a “block” is not necessarily the end. 

I met Jackie a few years back. Her sweet soul captivates the hardest of hearts. I believe her and Robert will be one of those love stories that are told from generation to generation. It is impossible to have a road block when a sweet loving couple makes Galveston shine.

Congratulations Jackie and Robert, I can’t wait for your Christmas wedding!

The Replogle Family by Clarita Castro

There are only a few sessions that deeply move me. Move me in a way that I know that I gave my best; my all. Move me in a way that when I look at my work I can feel it. If that makes any sense. Ryan and Asel are going into a new season. One where life will be uncertain but full of adventures. Tagging along we also have little Rydon, their precious son. I dare you not to feel something when looking at these images. I dare you to stop and “smell the roses”. These past few weeks God has been speaking to me about what family is all about. These images, my friends, portrays what it’s all about.