Verito + Martin / by Clarita Castro

This year we had the privilege to photograph three weddings. It’s not at all what I expected, but it also wasn’t what I was used to. For the past two years we placed our photography on hold for mission work in Santiago, Chile. For the past two years, our lives have been devoted to others. Photography was booming for us back at home, yet we chose to leave it all for what we think matters most: Jesus.


Martin and Verito happened to be our third Chilean wedding, and what an honor it was to photograph it. In two more months, we will be in Santiago for a year, and now with our baby girl on the way, we have had to rely on our Chilean friends more than ever. What a joy it was to find that these friends include this amazing couple. Inside and out, they are genuine to the core. We hope to learn so much more in the last few months we have left in Santiago, but this wedding was by far a dream come true. Golden light, a beautiful couple, and lots of love.  You’ll just have to look at the images to see what I’m talking about ;) .