Los Esquivel / by Clarita Castro

The last few weeks we had in Costa Rica were precious. Together, Brian and I were part of a great adventure visting people within the country and being a part of their lives through meals and get togethers. We felt that the closer we got to leaving the country, the closer to people we were getting to. It was during this time that we met the Esquivel family. Don Jonny, as we would call him, is a coffee plantation owner in Moravia, San José. We met him because of coffee, but we got much more. Long story short, we ended up taking inside family pictures at their eldest daughter's house, whose home is full of natural light. I think it's also safe to say that this family is completely in love with their new addition, and well, what's not to love? Carlos Luis is a bundle of extreme cuteness! Enjoy the Esquivel Family :)