Yusuf / by Clarita Castro


Yet another indoor session on the blog! 

I love having friends from all cultures. I met Ilknur at a friends baby shower one day and completely fell in love with her kindness and personality. I hadn't seen her throughout her whole pregnancy and this week I went to say goodbye before I depart to Chile. Her son, Yusuf is already 3 months old! I hate to miss so many memories of people I wish I was closer to, but in the end I know I am privileged to live the life I do. Ilknur and her husband are from Turkey, she has a bachelor’s in early developmental education and is currently pursuing her master’s degree! She is a kind and gentle soul. She says that Yusuf makes her smile every day. She loves motherhood. We had a sweet time together in  which Ilknur and I just chatted, took some candid pictures and talked about our lives and family. It is incredible how similar we really are no matter where we come from. Enjoy this indoor session :)