Cindy + Levi / by Clarita Castro

Around August 2014 Cindy was saying goodbye to friends, family and everything she knew. She had recently applied to be an English teacher in Spain and had been granted the position over the summer. Her new home, Murcia, would be a small town very much like the her own home: Giddings, TX. During her going away party her friends and relatives would jokingly say, “bring us back a Spaniard” to which she would reply with laughter. Little did she know that these nonchalant comments were going to ring true in a few months, for she was to meet Levi, her Spanish fiancé. ;)


They met for the first time this year, got engaged, and will be wed in February! When you know, you know! Sadly I will miss her wedding due to moving overseas, but I couldn’t help and be part of their story through my lens. Cindy, I will miss you so much and I wish you the best in all you and Levi set your hearts to!