Sarah + David / by Clarita Castro

If you could freeze time and go back to a moment, a different season of life, just to relive it, would you? I think most of us have a favorite memory,  a favorite moment perhaps, in which we would give anything to go back and simply just live it again. Photography is that way. I choose to be a photographer so that others may re-live moments buried in the past. 

We arrived in Santiago, Chile more than a year ago, like I had mentioned in our Friday introduction post. What I did not mention were the people that welcomed us to help us get started and situated in our "new home". Everything was new for us but people like David and Sarah (Sanchez) helped us get around Santiago so that we wouldn't feel completely lost. When we arrived, the Sanchezes had already been here for a full year. We knew our time with them was limited so we took advantage of what was left of  their term. Together, we did ministry, had meals, walked around the city, laughed... you name it. When the time came for them to say goodbye we knew that we were going to miss having a couple our age to hang out with. When Sarah asked me for her last request I couldn't deny it. What's more, her idea for this photoshoot captivated my heart. She simply wanted to walk around the city she grew to love and capture the feel of Santiago. The Metro, la micro, Providencia, Santiago centro, these are words that will never be forgotten; these are words that were expressed through this photo shoot. 

These were taken back in April ya'll. And yes, I know I'm late, but here's my point...When I saw these pictures again so that I could edit, I couldn't believe what I was feeling. Through my editing I kept on telling myself, wow... this is like going back into the past. This is what I want for my family and I! With joy, I gave them my best. I hope that Sarah and David get to feel Santiago through these pictures. Viva the Sanchezes, Viva life's good memories.