Whitney Harr / by Clarita Castro

San José has become very dear to me recently. It rains almost every day. The "rainy season" starts in May and runs all the way through November. It is unlike my dear Ireland where it's always cold when it rains, but I am content with the mere fact that cloudy days fill my week.

Not too long ago we welcomed in the new students that are now attending CINCEL. One of them, Whitney Harr, is heading to Nicaragua to work with high school/ college aged student, as well as many other opportunities that may come her way. Whitney is here for eight months and has adjusted well to the culture. She loves to cook, bake, and make new friends. In fact, no too long ago, she was teaching me how to make a homemade apple pie. Ya'll... it was delicious. Whitney is one of ten siblings, she is 6 feet tall and has gorgeous eyes. She truly captivates anyone that stands in her way, she is what many call: beautiful inside and out.

On the day of the shoot we headed out after a rainy afternoon to catch a few shots just right before sundown. I wanted some dark and moody tones and I sure got them! Thanks Whitney for being an awesome model!