Barrio Amón, San Jose, Costa Rica / by Clarita Castro

So often in the bible the city near God's heart is referred to as a "she". He later describes his followers as his "bride". When I think about cities, I think about the love of God for that city. San José is such a young, artistic and beautiful city. When one glances at her not much is revealed, but when you walk her streets, talk to her people, and see her heart, you are captured. She is yours for that one single moment and you cannot help but look at her walls and cherish her heart.

Near downtown you will find Barrio Amón; a very artistic neighborhood. A few weeks ago they were hosting a cultural event and Brian and I took advantage of this opportunity to take our cameras out for a stroll. During this time we met new people, ate a good meal with our friends, drank some good coffee, watched a dancing show, and went to an indoor market. We had our first experience in “street” photography. In these next few images you will find true beauty, but above all, you will see real stories. In Barrio Amón you will find a young potter, Mayahuel, working in the basement of her professor’s house. You will see a colorful fashion show; you will meet the world’s best coffee. You will see a random couple meeting as if it were the first time, kissing carelessly in front of the masses. Further down you will find yourself in the heart of San José: downtown. You’ll see her from above, naked and stripped down, showing everyone her many stories. In her people live; in her people have made themselves a home.

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