Katie + Sam / by Clarita Castro

Katie and Sam were wed on a beautiful December evening. A few months ago when Katie was planning her wedding, she reached out to me and asked me to be a part of it as her wedding photographer. I was honored that she trusted me to take pictures on her big day. This girl has a good eye for art, so it really meant a lot when she thought I was the gal for the job. During that time I was not sure if I was going to be able to be in Houston during her wedding; we were suppose to have arrived in Costa Rica around September if you remember correctly. But God was looking out for Katie and our plans got delayed until January. It was a privilege to have been able to document Sam and Katie’s wedding day. 


Katie and Sam decided to have a beautiful ceremony in Huntsville’s First United Methodist church. The sanctuary was filled with a Christmas spirit that best represented this time of year. During the day, Katie was getting ready in what was to be her new home. I noticed that her bridesmaids were all wearing white and when I asked her what this meant she sweetly replied that she wanted her bridal party to represent holiness and purity. Though Katie’s wedding was small and simple, it was the definition of elegance at its finest. There were no screaming colors trying to grab your attention; the details were magnified through the personality of the bride and groom. It truly was a family event. “It was a team effort,” Katie says. “Everyone, one both sides of the family, came together and helped.”


Katie is not the type of girl that likes attention to herself, but through her story, on her wedding day, many hearts were touched. Sam and Katie are both going to conquer the hearts of many with their kindness and their love for Jesus. I am sure of it! So here it is, their big day in a summary of pictures:


Venue: First United Methodist; Huntsville

Flowers: Lauren Simmons

Church Coordinator: Mary Ellen Sims

Wedding coordinator: Amber Diershaw + Hannah Powell

Wedding Skirt: Asos.com

Wedding shoes: Zara

Reception: Chi Alpha House

Hair + Make-up- Amber Diershaw