Bunmi- The Fashion Gal / by Clarita Castro

Bunmi Ogunyele is not only a REAL doctor but also a beautiful fashionista. I met her on our first wedding ever almost two years ago. She was the make-up artist and I was the photographer. This past weekend she launched her new fashion blog! You can click here to read one of her first posts! In there you will find her first photoshoot with me, which I will also share here. I was so blessed and honored when she reached out to me for this project. We sat down one evening at CoCo Crepes a few days before the shoot, talking about our dreams and visions. We were unified in what we each wanted. I couldn't be more happy than to make this connection with Dr. Bunmi. You can also find her writings in the near future on the Inner Loop Newspaper , in which she will be writing a health and beauty column. For now, enjoy this fashion beauty shoot!