Lindsey + Jason / by Clarita Castro

We met Lindsey and Jason one evening in Huntsville, TX. We instantly had one thing in common: Chile. Jason and Lindsey had been in Chile for an internship during an entire summer, and now face the inevitable question of when the next time will be. For Jason alone, his next time was a day after their engagement session. Brian and I drove up to Huntsville, hopped in the car with Jason and went to pick up Lindsey at work. Then, headed straight to Nacogdoches. As soon as we stepped out, we started shooting! Jason grew up near Nacogdoches and wanted to make sure we captured the spirit of the town. Together we had a great evening. Jason and Lindsey will be married this summer and maybe, in two years, will be heading to Chile! After our session we had a great dinner at a local Italian restaurant and headed back to Huntsville. The next day, Jason left to Chile for a short term trip. Brian and I feel privileged to have been part of documenting their story. In case you didn’t know, we ourselves are moving to Chile next year. We will leave to Costa Rica in January and will be in Santiago, Chile by the summer of 2016. Stay tuned for our upcoming adventures. For now, enjoy the future Goldsberry's engagement session :)