Durain Family Session by Clarita Castro

To say we had good weather is underestimating this session. The Durain family had THE perfect lighting and THE perfect weather for their family pictures. In the midst of a cold, lack of sleep and a week full of work, Dianna and Jesse were optimistic about enjoying their time in front of the camera. Little Olivia Grace, I was told, barely smiled. Somehow, we broke that barrier on that day and she could not contain her excitement as she played and twirled around with mom and dad. Magical fields, blue skies and so much more...enjoy. :)

Jana + Mark by Clarita Castro

After Harvey Buffalo Bayou looks pretty wiped out, but somehow we managed to find a golden spot for Jana and Mark's maternity session. They are expecting their first baby (a boy) any day now! As time ticks, Jana was able to get a session right before her due date. We cannot wait to meet her little man. Maternity is so beautiful and pictures cannot do it justice, but we hope we came very close with this session ;). 

Wilborn Indoor Session by Clarita Castro

On this cloudy/rainy day I would like to post a recent indoor session we had in the month of January. The Wilborn family holds a special place in our hearts. Amy and Trey are about to have a new addition to their sweet family of three. Meanwhile, Reese is enjoying all the cuddles as a single child before her little brother comes along. This session was all indoors with natural lighting. In my opinion, there is no better session than to be in the comfort of your own home!

Vanesa + Troy by Clarita Castro

This may seem to you as an elopement, but it really wasn't. Vanesa and Troy got married on a wintery day in Houston, TX. Shortly after their civil ceremony, they headed out to buffalo bayou to go on an adventure as a newly married couple. Just the two of them. In fact, this was such a relaxed session that the groom changed into something more comfortable, something more like them. This day turned out to be very cloudy, but the scenery on that downtown view was mesmerizing. The fog behind that skyline...just epic. Enjoy this sweet session.

Santiago, Chile- Family by Clarita Castro

At a month post partum I was asked to do a family session in Santiago, Chile. It was going to take place days before our departure, before our big move to Texas. My first instinct was to say, “definitely not”. However, after thinking about it, the fact that it would be our last session in Chile, made me think twice. So here I was, four weeks after giving birth and ready to do a family session.

Tamsin is a chilean photographer who also focuses on family sessions. The fact that she was also a photographer intimidated me some. Having your work exposed to another artist is nerve wrecking. However, Tamsin was so kind and gentle that I was not nervous for too long. Recently she celebrated ten years of being in Chile. She is from England, married to a Chilean. The expat community is strong in Chile and I was so glad to have been able to meet and spend some time with Tamsin and her family. 

After some freezing weather in Texas it’s good to see the sun and enjoy Wednesday with a cup of coffee and some cookies. Enjoy more sunshine as you scroll through this family session.