Constanza + Francisco by Clarita Castro

Kona (short for Constanza) and Pancho (short for Francisco) got engaged on the first day of this year, right at 12am. You can imagine how special it was and of course, it doesn't come as a   surprise, that this is what they had been waiting for all their lives. This November Kona and Pancho will be getting married on the outskirts of the heart of Santiago, Chile. For their engagement session Kona wanted something special. The awesome thing about living in the southern cone is that we can have snow in July. Our winter, is your summer...

For this occasion we drove about two hours outside of Santiago to get as close to the Andes as possible. El Cajon Del Maipo was a perfect location for this small adventure. On this day, the high was around 50 degrees, and towards the evening we got close to 16 degrees Fahrenheit. It was not below zero, but we definitely got a small taste of what it would feel like! Kona and Pancho were awesome models, attracting the beauty around them to their own surroundings. This has been one of the most epic sessions we've had. It left us wanting more...

As you guys in the states prepare for the fall, let this snowy session introduce you to this holiday season...

Verito + Martin by Clarita Castro

This year we had the privilege to photograph three weddings. It’s not at all what I expected, but it also wasn’t what I was used to. For the past two years we placed our photography on hold for mission work in Santiago, Chile. For the past two years, our lives have been devoted to others. Photography was booming for us back at home, yet we chose to leave it all for what we think matters most: Jesus.


Martin and Verito happened to be our third Chilean wedding, and what an honor it was to photograph it. In two more months, we will be in Santiago for a year, and now with our baby girl on the way, we have had to rely on our Chilean friends more than ever. What a joy it was to find that these friends include this amazing couple. Inside and out, they are genuine to the core. We hope to learn so much more in the last few months we have left in Santiago, but this wedding was by far a dream come true. Golden light, a beautiful couple, and lots of love.  You’ll just have to look at the images to see what I’m talking about ;) . 

Barbarita + Eduardo wedding by Clarita Castro

There are different types of clients you face throughout your career. There’s the normal client… who just simply needs you to do the job and we gladly do it. There’s the pinterest client, who wants you to recreate something that is probably not your style. And then there’s the ideal client…the one who lets you do whatever you want. Yet, there is even another type I would add. This is the “personal” one. The client that reaches your heart. The client that won’t let go of you, making sure that they are also serving you for the service you are providing. This last example describes Barbarita + Eduardo. We did not just attend a wedding, but we attended a friend’s wedding. We were not just photographers but somehow we became family.

For this wedding we traveled six hours south of Santiago to a city called Concepción. La Escondida, the venue, was just about 45 minutes away from the city; its name was truly fitting since it was very hidden in the middle of woods. That day everything that could go wrong, DID go wrong. In the morning, Barbarita found out that her grandmother had fallen and injured her knee and was taken straight to the hospital. The grandmother, we heard, was in tears since she was going to miss the wedding of her beloved granddaughter. Time was running against us but Barbarita decided that it was important to at least go visit her in the hospital, taking the risk of her possibly not being let through. However… we did it! In the following pictures to come you will observe joy and love. This day taught me that in the midst of stress and uncertainty it is important to keep on smiling. That’s exactly what Barbarita and Eduardo did on February 11th.


God bless them. 

David + Josabeth by Clarita Castro

If you are here you most likely read my post on Insta, where I shared about our long break of shooting weddings. Since we left the states at the beginning of 2016 we had not had any weddings come up, but we are glad to finally break the long wait with this precious couple. It was probably the hottest day of the year thus far and Josabeth had not eaten a proper breakfast or lunch, yet that did not break her spirit. Throughout the day she kept that smile high; she knew that no matter what, she was marrying her best friend. She loves that boy. After the ceremony we went to a quiet place, a place that might not have seemed much to them, but to me it was everything. It was my salvation. There was poor lighting everywhere, and quite frankly I wasn't sure if I had the creativity to pull it off. We sometimes (photographers) tend to doubt our intuition. But this alley that I magically found was where everything happened. It reminded me of why I constantly chase light. It reminded me that I have the privilege to capture love. It reminded me of all the good things a wedding holds despite all that could go wrong during that special day. In the end, the bride and the groom trust me, and they can look back with certainty that there was no hungry bride, that there was no stress; they can go back and see that everything went well, and that after all the trouble, everything turned out okay.

Bekka + John by Clarita Castro

Maybe you know, maybe you don't, but we were in Houston, Texas not too long ago visiting friends and family. We tried to be under the radar so we could spend a little more time with family, but we were also there for our mission work and on top of that we were able to squeeze in a couple of photography sessions. One of those being this one!

John and Bekka had been friends for quite a while when they found their way into love. Soon, they will be getting married, and I was able to document their engagement session! Their session was full of love, laughs and cuddles. They rocked their session! I am so grateful to Bekka and John for thinking of us.  The session was held near the Wortham center and Allen Pkwy, an area that is very dear to my heart since I spent quite some time around the location right before our departure to Chile. This year we are praying and expecting great things to happen as we prepare for another year of our photography. This requires another post to explain what we really mean by that, but just know that great things are brewing and we have high expectations for what God wants to do through us this year. I have somany things I want to share, but for now enjoy this Houston engagement session :).